Buy great kitchen stuff and more at my first ever yard sale

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While it’s not exactly (or remotely) topical, I’m hosting my first ever yard sale on Saturday and wanted to invite you to drop by.  It’s going to be a pretty impressive showing of goods – especially in the home decor and entertainment departments – thanks to contributions from friends and neighbors.  The official listing is below along with a link to a great yard sale search engine Yard Sale Search.  (You might as well make a day of it…)

Let me know if you have questions or ideas in the comments.  Can’t wait to see you!

Montrose Area Multi-Family Yard Sale – Saturday, October 2

Gigantic yard sale with great prices on lots and lots of items. Wonderful home decor, utilitarian items, gifts, fashionable clothing and more from multiple households. Many new and very gently used items included.

Saturday, October 2
7 a.m. – 4 p.m.
4520 Hazard
(northwest corner of Lexington and Hazard; one block north of US 59, one block east of Shepherd)

Early birds welcome at 6 a.m. for $10 fee

Incredible Selection including:

  • Kitchen items such as dishes, cookware, bakeware, grill accessories, flatware, canisters, cookbooks and more…
  • Dining Room items such as stemware, table cloths, wine decanters and more…
  • Entertainment items including books, (fiction, theology, philosophy, history, art), CDs, vinyl, DVDs, etc….
  • a large selection of Home Decor including a HUGE selection of framed prints, mirrors, decorative containers, sculptural objects, collectables, and more. (Think of it – you can redo your room for just a few dollars!)
  • Electronics including cell phones, wireless routers, cameras and more – most with all original packaging and priced to move….
  • Great selection of men and women’s clothing and accessories including jewelry….
  • Bed linens…
  • Gardening supplies….
  • Furniture such as TV stand, night stand, BRAND NEW desk, office chair and more….
  • Exercise equipment…
  • Hobby and gift items such as a beer brewing kit (brand new!), scuba stuff and more…

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