Love your Veggies: Romantic Dinner for Two

This gorgeous - and simply delicious - soup from Bon Appetite starts a romantic Valentine's Day meal off right!

My dear husband ascribes to the camp that believes Valentine’s Day is a selling technique developed by greeting card companies and white-linen table cloth restaurants to drum up revenue.  Maybe he’s right, but I’m the kind of girl that hangs glittered hearts on the door and homemade wax ones in the window.  None the less, thanks to his amazing home cooking and creative visions, my beloved is sure to make everyday a special day.

Inspired by a beautiful and delicious five-spice beet soup he whipped up two years ago for Valentine’s Day (celebrated safely out of the grasp of commercialism and overpriced roses at home), I have put together a romantic, vegetarian menu for two sure to make your sweetheart swoon.  Even better, it’s quick to make so you’ll have time to devote to that special someone.  

Five Spice Beet Soup

Creamy, gorgeous and easy (beets take a spin in the microwave cutting cook time dramatically), start your romantic meal with this glorious soup topped with a heart piped in yogurt for the perfect complement.

Pistachio-Crusted Tofu with Ponzu Sauce

Use extra firm tofu in this super quick, but elegant dish.  The pistachios elevate the entree and the delicious ponzu sauce is perfect over soba noodles.  With five ingredients, you’ll have more time for romance and less in the kitchen!

Molten Mocha Cakes

These beautiful but fast (10 minutes of prep) chocolate cakes are the perfect way to finish a special meal with your sweetheart.


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