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2010 in review

Spicy Sauteed Brussels Sprouts from the very first T-Bones and Tofu post

Wow!  It’s been almost a year since I launched T-Bones and Tofu with the good intention of sharing tips, tricks and recipes for how to have a happy home where vegetarians and carnivores can live together in peace.  Well, this “marriage of tastes” got off to a great start, but, frankly, the daily responsibilities of my day job, my consulting work and living a life (oh yeah, and eating) have, for the last several months, really gotten in the way of making T-Bones and Tofu the valuable resource I hoped it would be.   Read More


Buy great kitchen stuff and more at my first ever yard sale

Yard Sale Northern California May 2005. This i...

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While it’s not exactly (or remotely) topical, I’m hosting my first ever yard sale on Saturday and wanted to invite you to drop by.  It’s going to be a pretty impressive showing of goods – especially in the home decor and entertainment departments – thanks to contributions from friends and neighbors.  The official listing is below along with a link to a great yard sale search engine Yard Sale Search.  (You might as well make a day of it…) Read More


Restaurant Week? Let’s call it Restaurant Month

Another week of Houston Restaurant Week! Let the delicious (and affordable) vegetarian dining begin!

As reported by Culture Map and KRIV My Fox Houston this morning, Houston Restaurant Week (which formerly ran August 1 – 21, 2010) announced this morning that $35, three-course dinners and $20, two-course lunches – all benefiting the Houston Food Bank – will continue on through September 6.  (That’s Labor Day weekend!) Read More


Part One | A Vegetarian’s Guide to Houston Restaurant Week

Houston Restaurant Week 2010 started at the beginning of August.  But, despite the name, this foodie fun fest actually spans three weeks.  Houston Restaurant Week offers local vegetarians (and their dining companions) a slew of delicious – and well priced – offerings this year.  And, with expanded lunch offerings – and a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Houston Food Bank – there’s a lot of great places to grab a stellar meal for a song.

As a matter of fact, there are so many wonderful offerings on the Houston Restaurant Week menu, I have to break down the overview into multiple parts.  (And alphabetical listings to be fair!)

Benjy's Mom's Chocolate Cake

Benjy's Mom's Chocolate Cake as captured by Sweet n' Sassy Baby

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