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Brown Mujadarrah with Tangy Yogurt

After undergoing phase two of what will hopefully be my only root canal ever, I wanted something comforting, delicious and easy to chew for dinner.  And, as you can imagine, after such a long day, it wouldn’t hurt if that something was simple to make.  Enter mujadarrah.

If you aren’t familiar with this middle eastern staple, I urge you to get to know it.  It is, at its core, a very simple dish: lentils, rice and onions.  Of course, with this said, there are endless variations.  Brown mujadarrah is made with green lentils, yellow with red lentils.  Some recipes call for more or less olive oil than others.  Some for cumin.  Some for more salt.  (Never for less salt; it’s amazing how the lentils and rice can just suck it up.)   Read More


Jambalaya with Zucchini and Summer Squash

In the Golden Triangle, people joke that growing up in East Texas is about the same as growing up in Western Louisiana.  Certainly there is no shortage of crawfish, Catholics or cajuns.  And, given that Mardi Gras season comes to an end tomorrow with Fat Tuesday, it only seems appropriate that I share a vegetarian adaptation of a very traditional Creole dish.

Jambalaya is Louisiana’s version of paella.  Traditionally it is made of three parts (meats, vegetables and rice) cooked in stock.  Most often chicken and andouille sausage are used for the meat, though, since childhood, I’ve always preferred Jambalaya made with shrimp to its meatier counterparts.  In parts of central Louisiana it’s not uncommon to find the dish made with crawfish, oyster, turtle or alligator. Read More