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Cheese and Cashew Stuffed Portobellos

Kirk purchased some lamb chops on sale this weekend and I used the opportunity to serve up what has become my favorite mushroom entrée.  It’s a recipe that is a little labor intensive, so I was happy to pull some previously parboiled haricots verts from the fridge along with an already assembled green salad.  (Just add dressing to the salad and toss the beans with butter, salt & pepper in a hot skillet.)

The mushrooms are hearty and punctuated with the rich flavors from cashews and a mix of gouda and cheddar.  I used aged varieties of both cheeses with gorgeous flavors and compelling crystalline textures.  I really do urge you to carefully consider your choice in cheeses when cooking.  The abounding flavors of different varieties, the diverse textures, they make a significant difference in the overall quality of a dish.

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