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Spicy Sauteed Brussel Sprouts (for Vegetarians or Carnivores)

On our first date, my now-husband and I had brunch at Catalan Food & Wine.  It’s the sort of place that esteemed food critics describe as “witty” and the “perfect wine-and-food storm.”  It’s also the sort of place where you can enjoy a succulent pig roast…if you’re into that sort of thing.  Of course, I’m not.  As a vegetarian, I was a little alarmed by the sheer magnitude of pork offered on the menu.  Thankfully, a couple of years ago I reverted to eating seafood, making it possible to actually enjoy a wider variety of dishes from great restaurants like Catalan.

Our dating continued, and, as we became more familiar, we moved from reservations “out” to culinary practices “in.” This time in the kitchen really brought us closer together. Read More