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Cook the Sale: Hawaiian Albacore Tuna Tacos

Spicy Shrimp Tacos. Image via Wikipedia

The hubbie and I have had a couple of wonderful, lavish weekends lately and now it’s time to tighten our belts to stay in budget for the month.  No biggie, but it does inspire me to cook the sale.  That is, plan my meals around the grocery store specials.  I was reviewing the Central Market flyer and realized that they have all the makings for excellent fish tacos on sales this week.  To snatch fresh tortillas from the bakery (2 for $3) or Hawaiian Albacore Tuna for $11 per pound, get their before the sale ends today.  (I know.  Short notice, but at least I’m writing.) Read More


Cod and Avocado Tacos

Sometimes I look at the grocery store circular and it’s all I need to know to plan dinner.  That’s happened earlier this week when Central Market included the following in their sale offerings: cod, tortillas (made fresh in the bakery and still warm when I put them in my shopping cart) and avocados.  Hello simple weeknight!

So, as the second installment in the Fish for Fridays series (also known as my Lenten offering), I want to share with you my first baked fish recipe.  Truthfully, it was the first time I’ve ever baked a fish at all, recipe or not.  (I’ve seen Kirk do it, so I wasn’t entirely flying blind and referenced several cookbooks to get an initial estimate for cook time and temp.)  The result: success! Read More